Saturday, November 6, 2010

For Your Information

Straight from the Fun Times- Key information you'll want to know when aboard the Destiny

Smoking Areas
Smoking is permitted in the Casino, The Apollo Bar, the Point After Disco, The Sports Bar and the starboard (right) side of the open deck only. Cigar smoking is only permitted in the Onyx Bar located on Deck 4, Aft.

Sail & Sign Card
Please keep your room card with you at all times. It is used to pay for shore excursions, drinks, photos, casino coins & chips, laundry service, tuxedo rentals, infirmary services and gift shop items. It can also be used to purchase goods and services at art auctions, formalities, Internet cafe, & Spa Carnival. Additionally, your Sail & Sign card is your "boarding pass" to exit and reboard the ship while in port. Again, please keep it with you at all times.

Please note that luggage is delivered to your stateroom as soon as possible. If you find luggage in your room that does not belong to you, please contact the Guest Services Office immediately.

Beach Towels
Please remember to return the Carnival Beach Towel or Bathrobe to your Stateroom Steward or your Sail & Sign card account will be billed. If you'd like to purchase one as a souvenir your Stateroom Steward will be happy to deliver a new one. Just ask.

Cellular Phone Service
Stay connected out at sea using your cellular phone. International rates apply. Please remember that your cellular phone may show a different time than most ships time. Please always stay on ships time.

Phoning Home at a Low Rate
Just $.99 per minute when using your stateroom phone! Consult your stateroom directory for dialing instructions. Charges apply to all cards including 1-800 calling cards, credit cards and collect calls.

Towel Hut
Blue Beach Towels, Basketballs, and Volleyballs are available from the Tower Hut located on Deck 10, Midship from 8:00am-8:00pm. Your Sail & Sign Card number will be taken as a deposit.

Medical Center
Hours are generally 8:00am-8:00pm and the doctors hours seem to be 8:00am-11:00am & 3:00pm-6:00pm.

Internet Access- 24 Hours
We are wireless- connect to Carnival WiFi with your own laptop or use our computers int eh Internet Cafe. You can purchase and use your minutes anytime, from anywhere. To Log Out type in the address bar. Please contact the Internet Cafe Manager during posted hours for additional information.

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