Monday, November 22, 2010

Non-BSB Entertainment

I have confirmation that there will still be regularly scheduled entertainment from Carnival for our cruise. Not I'm not sure if we will get an opportunity to participate, but it will be offered. We can expect a Welcome Aboard Show, several comedians, 2 main production shows, and even a hypnotist. A hypnotist could be interesting. I actually saw a comic hypnotist last week, its some freaky stuff.

The first main production show is called Voila Paris. This is a singing and dancing show but be warned "costumes in this show are a little revealing in some numbers" Yes, it actually says this in the Fun Times.

The second main production show is called "Nightclub Express" Another singing and dancing show with the same words of caution as the first show. Both of these productions are a Vegas-style revue show if you enjoy that stuff.

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