Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Family Feud

Wow, I was so excited to get this email from Rose Tours:


Backstreet Boys Cruise
2010 Game Show Survey

We are going to have a Family Feud Style Game Show on board with the Backstreet Boys! They will be competing against some lucky fans who will get a chance to prove they know the boys better than they know themselves!

To help us get the best answers to all the questions, please fill out the survey with the first answer that comes to your head! We will tally all the answers, and use them to play during our game show!

I really enjoyed answering these survey questions. Definitely got me thinking! In case you missed them:

  1. Name something that you associate with Howie.
  2. Name something Howie might have his initials on.
  3. Name something that Howie is embarrassed to admit he has worn.
  4. What is Brian's favorite holiday?
  5. Name something Brian might bring on tour with him.
  6. Name something that Brian can do that the other BSB boys can't.
  7. If Nick could live anywhere, where would he live?
  8. Besides wash, name something Nick does in the shower.
  9. Name something Nick does to pass the time at the venue or on the tour bus.
  10. Name one of AJ's tattoos.
  11. How many piercings does AJ have?
  12. If not a musician, what other career path would AJ have chosen?
  13. Name something that you associate with the Backstreet Boys.
  14. Name something the band gets annoyed at each other over.
  15. Name something that you can always count on happening during a BSB concert.
  16. Name the bands favorite National cuisine.
  17. What video had the best wardrobe?
  18. What video had the best choreography?
  19. On average, how many BSB shows has a BSB fan gone to?
  20. What is the craziest thing a fan would do to meet the BSB?
  21. Where's the best place for a BSB boy to take you on a date?

I don't want to reveal all my answers...but the first thing that I associate with Howie is his winking haha.

While I dont know how they will choose the contestants, I was trying to decide if Id actually like to be a contestant for this. Unfortunately I'm the shy type and I dont like getting on stage. I'd be even more nervous if I was on stage with the Backstreet Boys. But I guess it helps to know the questions they will ask so I could study before hand.

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