Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What to do Beyond the Backstreet Boys

For you first time cruisers, there are tons of activities that will be going on around the ship outside of our BSB bubble. I wanted to share a little bit more on what to expect during any lulls of Backstreet activity, though I hope there aren’t too many of those.

I also don't know if they will cut back on some of these activities due to us being there. However since it is only a partial charter cruise, the other half of the ship still needs to be entertained so I imagine they will still offer the majority of what they normally do.

Lots of opportunities to shop on board from souvenir shops to art auctions.

If you want to keep in shape, the gym facilities are available to you along with various exercise classes such as body conditioning, indoor cycling, or yoga. They also have health seminars such as Burn fat fast, Puffy Eyes Seminar, or Eat More to Weigh Less. You may see me at that last class...

The slots machines and tables will be open as long as we are not in port, however they also have events such as Poker challenges, slot tournaments, or Hold’Em tournaments.

The Destiny has 2 pools and several hot tubs, which are open until it gets dark. During the day they may have fun events such as a hairy chest contest or belly flop contest. Always good for a fun time and some laughs.

Games and Other Activities
I’m slightly biased on these, as this is what my brother does, but I love participating in these events. Here is just a small sample of what you might expect:

Trivia games- And lots of them throughout the day including general trivia and special themes such as movie music trivia.
Bingo- Lots of good prizes here, but you have to pay to play.
Digital Scavenger hunts- Don’t forget your camera!
Name that Tune- Different themes such as 80’s. Maybe they’ll do a BSB themed one, though I think that might be too easy for us.
Karaoke- Just the place to have a few drinks and belt out some I Want it That Way!

Feature Shows
Now I’m not sure how this will work since the Backstreet Boys will be our entertainment. But they do have two production shows that are normally scheduled on the night of Key West and Cozumel. My brother was looking over the schedule and it currently lists “Partial Ship Charter, show changes” Thus we may not get a chance to see these shows, but you can typically expect singing and dancing.

They also have comedy shows, both PG and adult versions, but according to my brother they are pretty low key on the Destiny.

So much to do in so little time! I don't think I'll be getting any sleep for those 4 days.

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