Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Updates from the Rick Cruise

Apparently Rick Springfield did NOT participate in the sail-away party. Since it is only a half charter, they were not able to take control of the entire lido deck. Thus the sail away party was your typical send off with the lines dances in order to please the general cruise population. While I’m hopeful that the Backstreet Boys may decide to participate in the sail away party, I’m not counting on it.

There is an entire channel devoted to playing Rick Springfield videos including movies, interviews, etc. I understand New Kids did the same for their cruise, so I’m hoping we will get something similar for the Backstreet Boys. Now I’m debating if I should pack a VCR and some old VHS tape. I’d have to go dig those out of the attic first though…

As for the welcome aboard cocktail party, Rick Springfield and other celebrities on board did attend and were supposedly taking pictures.

From what I understand, both the Rose Tour staff and the main acts all have VIP passes, allowing them into crew areas. Rick Springfield and his entourage were hanging out on deck 4 forward, which is the outdoor crew area. Meanwhile, they are tending to use the crew elevators to get around. I anticipate we should expect the same for the Backstreet Boys. After all, they do need some place to escape the crowds for a bit :)

Rick Springfield also did a door decoration contest. Lots of clever ideas from their fans as well including hoses, yellow brick roads, lights, whistles, buzzers, collages, memoirs, stories, rhymes, pictures, etc. I’m really excited to see the creativity from the BSB fans!

He also had a Q&A session. The first person lined up 2.5 hours before the event! While I don’t plan to get in line QUITE that early, I'll brace myself to wait in a few lines throughout the cruise.

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  1. Thank you for letting us know about another celebrity's cruise. I've read everything about the NKOTB cruise, but I had a hard telling figuring out how ours was going to be like since we only have a half-charter.

    About the Q&A, you said that somebody lined up 2.5 hours before... I believe that the bracelets that we will get with our seat number on it for the concert will allow us to have the same seats for the Q&A and all the other events in the theater.