Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tipping Guide

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m more confused after I started writing this entry than before, but I’ll share with you what I know on the tipping situation.

At first I assumed that tips were not included, as that what it says on the official Backstreet Boy Cruise website. Thus, me being the diligent planner I am, I called Rose Tours to see what we need to do to take care of this. She indicated that gratuities are in fact already included and that we don’t need to worry about anything. Perhaps it was included in the tax/ extra fees that were tacked on from the original price? Regardless, here is a quick tipping guide, taken from Carnival’s website:

$ 3.50 Per Day Stateroom Services
$ 5.50 Per Day Dining Room Services
$ 1.00 Per Day Alternative Services: distributed to other kitchen and hotel service staff

For beverage purchases, fifteen percent of the bill is automatically added to the Sail & Sign charge. Room Service staff may be tipped as service is rendered. Tipping your Maître d’ is at your discretion, based upon the service you receive.

While it appears that tips may already be taken care of, I think it’s important to remember that these people’s livelihood rely on our tips. Thus sometimes I will add more money to the recommended amount, depending on how generous I’m feeling…or how much alcohol I have in me. Though, typically the two go hand in hand.

In case you’re curious, I usually do not tip the Maître d’, but I would recommend that you consider tipping them if you feel they’ve gone above and beyond. For example if they helped switch your table or helped arrange special meals due to dietary restrictions, you may feel it appropriate to give them something extra.

I guess I'll have to swing by guest services once I'm on board just to make sure this was taken care of...

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