Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More than One Concert?

Before you get too excited, nothing has been confirmed. But I’ve been thinking… it’s very well possible they may decide to do more than 1 concert on the cruise. Here’s my rationale:

On the New Kids cruise, they did 2 concerts, and it was only a 3 day cruise. Granted it was the same show, nonetheless they had the time. Meanwhile on the Rick Springfield cruise, they did a lot of concerts throughout the trip. It sounded like 4-5 shows. Some on the lido deck, some in the main theater, and even one at his beach excursion. Apparently the concert at his beach party wasn’t announced either. So perhaps this could be the same case for our beach party excursion. What a great treat that would be- BSB concert on the beach! I’m surprised they wouldn’t tell us, but perhaps it wasn’t confirmed at the time.

I very well could be stretching here and just getting my hopes up, but I feel like they should be able to do more than 1 concert on a 4 day cruise. Just my humble opinion.

Any thoughts?

Speaking of concerts, I was able to confirm that we will have assigned seats for our cruise. I previously speculated that it may be zoned seating, based on the Rick Springfield cruise, but that is not the case. Our group is a little larger than theirs, so they have to do assigned seats for us. Personally, I was quite happy to hear this. I'd rather not wait in any more lines than necessary. I also like to the ability to get up and go to the bathroom without losing my seat.

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  1. i really hope there is more than one concert!!!...i would love it if there is a regular one and an acustic one...im not really expecting this to happen...its just wishful thinking!!!

    i too am glad you got confirmation on the assigned seats...general admission / open seating kinda stresses me out...